Fundación Azteca America
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Jugueton is a toy drive that was started by Azteca, the second largest Spanish speaking tv content producer in the world, back in 1996 in Mexico, under the slogan: “A toy, a smile”. The successful Mexican concept brings society together to raise toys and distribute them to needy children during Three Kings Day.

On the other hand, Fundación Azteca America (FAzA) decided to once again join forces with Azteca America (Azteca US) to support this effort and bring happiness to children in the US.

The first issue of Jugueton US took place in 2006, when, together with the Hermes Music Foundation, Azteca America distributed thousands of toys to unprivileged children in Los Angeles, CA. The Jugueton has since taken place once a year, already reaching more than a hundred thousand children in L.A., Houston, and Phoenix.

Considering some cultural differences, FAzA and Azteca America decided to make a change in dates, bringing the toys to the children on December 12th each year, on time to celebrate Christmas.